My UCI Class is Full


This app uses RESTful URL to receive requests and display ajax responses.

However, users must submit request in the browser through the web app because user information is saved in session.

Verb URL Action
PUT /term/{quarter}
courseCode: string
Puts a course to the user area designated for the given term. If a given term or course code is invalid, it responds with an appropriate status code to notify the user through ajax.
DELETE /term/{quarter}/{courseCode} Deletes user request for the given course of the given quarter.
GET / Gets the html document with user information included.
GET /term/{quarter} Gets the html document for the given term. If the given term is invalid or is not open for students at the moment, it ignores the given term and generates an html document for the current term.

{quarter} is a length 7 string that indicates a specific quarter.

{courseCode} is a length 5 string that indicates a specific course code.

A {courseCode} is only distinct within a quarter; a {courseCode} may be used again in the next quarter for a different class.

What It Actually Does

This app sends notification email using SendGrid whenever a course changes its status from full to open or waitlist.

It saves the status of the requested courses in the database and compares with the school website every minute.

The source is disclosed publicly on Github.